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In the world of text messages and 140 character Tweets, I find the use of LOL (Laugh Out Loud) and the more definitive LMAO (Look it up yourself!) or the entirely unlikely ROFLMAO (again, you look it up) to be way over used.  I have a pretty good sense of humor, but it takes a lot to make me laugh out loud and I have to say, ROFLMAO has never happened…  I’m more of a smirker at heart.

That said, Becky had I started watching Ridiculousness on MTV a while back and we’ve both been inspired to laugh out loud.  Occasionally there was alcohol contributing to that, but still we’ve found some pretty funny things on there.  People can be idiots and people apparently don’t mind publicizing their idiocy for their Andy Warhol 15 minutes of fame.  The clip to the right is of a brother sneaking up on his napping sister and waking her with a vacuum cleaner.  Seeing it the first time was a Laugh Out Loud moment that I had to run back and forth several times with the DVR.  I still smile looking at it as it see it here!  While the show revels in people doing physical harm to themselves, there are lots of moments like this too.

And who knew that bulldogs had such a propensity for skateboarding? (If you need a smile and have some time to kill, Google “Skateboarding Bulldogs” and look at the images or do the same at YouTube for some hilarious videos.

Anyway, here you go with a post of very little redeeming value, but when I ran across the clip, I had to share.  One final warning – if you decide to check out Ridiculousness, be prepared for Chanel’s laugh.  It’s something right out of a Chip ‘n Dale cartoon!

Vacuum Image Source

Bulldog 1 Image Source

Bulldog 2 Image Source

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