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Through my position on the MCEDC (Marshall County Economic Development Corporation) board, I have met Regina Emberton, President and CEO of the Michiana Partnership.  Michiana Partnership is a regional organization that includes Marshall County and they are involved with marketing our area.

She shared the forum information below regarding IEDC‘s (Indiana Economic Development Corporation) promotion of their Regional Cities Initiative.  It’s not something I can attend, but I thought it was worth sharing here.

I truly believe the old adage that “A Rising Tide Lifts All Boats”.  We need to work together as a region to grow our economy and our fate is at least peripherally tied to the success of South Bend/Mishawaka.


November 21, 2014
10:00 – 11:30 a.m.

Gillespie Conference Center at the Hilton Garden Inn
53995 Indiana 933
South Bend, IN 46637

The Indiana Economic Development Corporation (IEDC) is holding regional forums across the state to discuss the governor’s Regional Cities Initiative and key findings from the study that benchmarks peer cities around the nation.
We are relying on you as leaders in your communities to invite others who should also attend. You can do so by simply forwarding this invitation. The types of individuals in your community who may wish to attend could include school superintendents, college/university leaders, Rotary and other volunteer groups, chambers of commerce and other business groups, elected officials, community foundations, religious leaders, arts organizations, economic development professionals, and other civic or business leaders. All are welcome to this meeting. 

Please visit to learn more about the Regional Cities Initiative.

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