Fletcher Cemetery Memorial

Fletcher Cemetery Memorial 5-26-14

Ceremonial placement of a wreath at the base of the Veterans Memorial on Memorial Day 2014

Becky and I attended the Memorial Day service at the Fletcher Cemetery just outside Hamlet yesterday.  It was a very respectful service and I was pleased that they had a reasonably good turnout with a spread of ages.  Thank you to the veterans there and across the nation for their service.  I spoke to one of the veterans that said he had war veteran family members in that cemetery dating back the the Civil War and the Spanish American War.  That is a lot of history for a small cemetery in rural Indiana.

The service included reading a well written letter from Indiana State Senator Arnold, a traditional 21 gun salute and the playing of taps.  It was all well done and we were glad we went.

I didn’t know of the Fletcher Cemetery until B.A. Martin Architects asked us to look at a project to relocate the existing memorial.  The stone in the picture has the names of veterans on it and it is just about full.  We are going to relocate the stone to a new location to the northeast where it will be flanked by two new stones that can be inscribed with future names.  Below is a plan view of the project.  We were awarded this project this Spring and will be completing it over the summer.  We will be working with Lenker Services to coordinate the actual relocation of the stone.

FLetcher Cemetery Memorial Notation Plan


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