Remote Control Shades & Blinds

Pella has introduced their new SmartSync technology that allows remote control access to raise and lower blinds.  This works with the integrated blinds and shades  in Pella’s Designer Series of windows and doors.

Not only does this let you adjust the shades without getting out of your chair, but it can be tied into your home or business automation system through web-enabled devices like computers and smart phones.

This is the first step to using your window shades to help control your environment.  For example, the west facing windows shades you opened in the morning to let light in might soon detect the movement of the sun and automatically close to reflect that excess heat in the summer or vice versa, open when the sun hits them in the winter to pick up that passive heat.  (Pretty cool even if it doesn’t qualify as Green That Saves Green.)  Likewise for security, if you normally close the blinds when you’re gone to keep out prying eyes, you’ll be able to check them and close them from your smartphone or work computer.  No more wondering if you remembered to close them before you left.

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