PIDCO Logo 1-21-14I attended the PIDCO (Plymouth Industrial Development Corporation) Annual Meeting today and was voted into a position on the Board of Directors.  I have voiced some disappointment with PIDCO’s squandered potential the last few years and I guess now I have to put up or shut up!  Easterday Construction has long been a shareholder in PIDCO.  We’ve believed in the mission and the work they have done for Plymouth and Marshall County has been impressive.  I look forward to helping them recapture and advance their agenda for the betterment of the community.

There was a presentation from Dan Zuerner of Garmong Construction regarding his thoughts on economic development and the new shell building that is being built on PIDCO property.  This project is a combined effort with PIDCO, MCEDC, City of Plymouth and the Plymouth Redevelopment Commission.  This will give us a flexible state of the art building to offer on the market.  The presentation was interesting and hopefully a wake-up call to the PIDCO members and city officials that were there.  He chastised the City for high fees and difficult requirements that have added costs and slowed the project.  If this is a difficulty for a company we’re partnering with, just imagine the view from a new business looking to expand here…

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