Creative Electrical Repairs

September 23, 2013

Kevin Berger


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Damaged Electrical Box I Reported

Damaged Electrical Box I Reported

I pulled into a client’s facility a month or so ago and noticed an electrical box that had been knocked loose.  I know how these things can be overlooked.  Sometimes they are noticed, but then forgotten by the time you walk inside where something could be done about it.  I snapped a picture, sent it to my contact and suggested that we could fix that for them since it was a code violation and potential safety issue.  We weren’t called, but someone “repaired” it.  While the solution was creative, it doesn’t exactly meet code.

Someone's Zip Tie Solution

Someone’s Zip Tie Solution

Let us help you with simple electrical maintenance issues like this.  Creative electrical repairs are generally frowned on by code officials.  Something like this is a safety and liability issue.  It’s not the best place to skimp.  A “solution” like this can actually increase liability!  If something happens now, there is no doubt that someone knew the problem existed.


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