Culver Firemen’s Memorial Update

For those of you that followed my posts on the Firemen’s Memorial here and here, I hope you liked the design I suggested.  (See the picture to the right.)  Unfortunately, I have to report that the firemen have apparently chosen to go a different direction.  At least I assume that’s what’s happening at the northeast corner of Lake Shore Drive and Slate Street…  I found out about this the same way you did, i.e. I didn’t know they were going a different route until I saw it under construction.

I wish them the best as always, but it’s unfortunate they have chosen to build a less than permanent structure skinned with faux cut stone rather than following the guidance of the Culver Community Charrette as I suggested.  Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and time will tell as to whether this becomes the cherished landmark I intended with my design.

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