Dewstop Fan Switch

Excessive condensation is an issue in bathrooms, particularly those with showers.  The Dewstop Fan Switch by GTR Technologies is designed to prevent this problem.  Code requires that all new bathrooms have exhaust fans.  Often the fan does not get turned on when it is needed. Conversely, it may get left on and forgotten.  The old solutions to this problem are motion sensors and timers, but neither of those solutions actually run the fan for the correct amount of time.

The Dewstop switch has a “Condensation Sentry” which detects condensation on nearby surfaces and automatically activates the exhaust fan, airing out the room until it reaches an acceptable humidity level.  The fan then automatically shuts off.  This means that the fan runs the correct amount of time and doesn’t waste energy by running too long and doesn’t risk moisture problems by not running long enough.  That makes this a green solution to the problem.

The fan can be activated manually as well, so it can be run at other times as well.  It is also available in a Fan/Light combination.

What’s missing here is a timer or motion sensor for the light switch.  This would make it truly hands-free device.  That would enhance it as a green device as well.  Possibly that’s something that will be coming down the pike.

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