Culver’s New Hovercraft

December 13, 2011

Culver, Humor

Culver, Humor

Tonight at the Culver Town Council meeting the Culver-Union Township Fire Department (CUTFD) received permission to purchase a Neoteric Hover Craft.  For those of you interested in some specs, here you go.  These are from the Neoteric websiteThis is a nearly new rescue hovercraft, with only 8 hours of operation. The craft has inline seating for four, and comes with a siren, PA system, 400,000 cp searchlight, red and blue LED light bar, rescue lift system, and stretcher mount. The engine is a 65 HP model with fuel and oil injection.

Personally I was more interested in what they’re going to call the fire fighters that are going to be trained to drive this puppy.  After the meeting I suggested the “Air Heads” which Fire Chief Mike seemed to like, but the more I think about it, I think there should be a town wide contest to name the team.  As I cautioned Mike, “If you don’t come up with a good name, there will soon be one and it might not be what you want.”

To get the ball started, here are a few off the top of my head:

  1. Air Heads (The Current Front Runner per Chief Mike!)
  2. Fire Fans
  3. Skirt Chasers
  4. Wind Warriors
  5. Flame Fanners
  6. Neo Pyro’s
  7. Rescue Flyers
  8. Floaters (Okay, maybe not…)

Okay, so do you have a better idea?  Enter yours in the comments if you like.

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