Happy Halloween!

I’m often accused of being a Bah-Humbug about Christmas because I get tired of it starting so early.  Well this morning I kind of felt like my pumpkin friend here when I drove through town and saw the Christmas lights up on the streets and several of the stores that had already “Decked the Halls”.  It’s Halloween today for Heaven’s Sake!  Ooooooo… Scary red and white twinkling Christmas Bells on all the street lights!  Isn’t that going to be nice for this evening’s Trick or Treating.

I was reminded that the Chamber is sponsoring “Christmas in Culver” next weekend, November 4th & 5th.  Of course they are…  I guess Thanksgiving went right out the window.  Okay, I know how important Christmas sales are to retail merchants, but really???  What’s next?  Maybe we should do “Christmas in Culver” over Labor Day weekend.  You know we want to catch those Lake People before they leave for the winter…

I guess this saves time.  We’ve been so busy this Fall that we didn’t get any Halloween decorations up.  Now that I know we can just skip to Christmas I don’t feel so bad.  Pretty soon we’ll all be like the people that we used to make fun of.  You know, the ones that left their Christmas decorations up all year around?  Ha!  They were just ahead of the curve!

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