Red Fridays

You might notice some bright red shirts on Easterday Construction Co., Inc.  job sites this summer.  This is because we’re participating in Red Fridays to support the troops.  You can check in here to learn more.   We purchased ours through Triple Crown Products if you are interested in participating. 

A portion of the proceeds goes to the Wounded Warrior Project.   Their mission, “To honor and empower wounded warriors.”

Our employees are participating in this on a strictly voluntary basis.  Everyone got a shirt, but it’s up to them if they want to wear it.  (Though this past Friday, everyone that had a red shirt on got a $5 on the spot bonus.  Ha!)  It is a “support the troops” effort and not any kind of political statement.  It seemed like a positive way to show our patriotism around the 4th of the July and to promote some camradery on the jobsites with a simple give-away.  Consider checking out the Wounded Warrior Project, the USO or Bugles Across America.  All good organizations that support our troups and their families at home and abroad.

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