Culver Garden Court Start-up

Culver Garden Court had a project closing yesterday at the HUD offices in Indianapolis.  FINALLY!!! The closing for this project was similar to a closing on a house where the mortgage is finalized, the previous property owner receives a check and the ownership transfer is made.  In addition to this, the HUD closing for this project included the finalization of contracts for the construction of the new Garden Court facility.  I was back in the office about 4:30 yesterday afternoon and the first round of purchase orders were sent releasing the surveyor, excavator and concrete contractor to begin work.

Culver Garden Court Site Plan

HUD requires the project to break ground within 10 days.  This should not be a problem at this time of year.  Everyone has been waiting for this project to be released for months.  There will be a separate ground breaking ceremony on April 8th at 2:00pm for anyone interested in attending.  Odds are there will be actual construction going on in the background at that time too.

The project has a 12 month time line.  We anticipate being out of the ground within a couple of months.  We should be weathered in before winter allowing interior finishes to be completed regardless of the weather.

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