Happy Birthday to Bob Cooper

Bob is celebrating a Birthday today.  He informed me today that as of this Birthday, he has been with Easterday Construction as long as he hasn’t!  Ha!  Bob has been a Superintendent for us for nearly a decade and an employee for much longer than that.  I count on him for his expertice in several fields.  Not only that, but he has been with Easterday Construction longer than I have so he knows where a lot of things are hidden.  (Easterday’s has been here since the 1920’s, so even Bob doesn’t know where everything is.  Four generations of pack rats have accumulated a lot.) 

Bob was the mystery Citizen in the Culver Citizen last week.  He’s pretty easy to recognize.  He is the third Easterday Construction employee (that I know of) to be featured.  I’ve been featured twice and Leroy Bean made an appearance as well.  (If there is another former employee that has appeared that you know of, let me know.)

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