In Pursuit of Green

Obtainable Green

 I ran across the above graphic in an article from Multifamily Executive, a magazine I get at the office, titled Obtainable Target by Laura McKenzie.  I’ve written here before about my concerns regarding the cost of “green” vs the claimed savings.  From my experience I have my doubts about the above claims of costs vs returns as well as the exageration rate of concerned contractors.  There is no doubt that in some cases there are legitimate savings to be obtained through green building.  I just want the clients of Easterday Construction to pursue green with their eyes open.  Greenwashing can be found in the form of shams from hucksters as well as exageration by wishfull-thinkng zealots.  Beware of both.  Do the math for yourself.  Easterday Construction Co., Inc. would be happy to help you.

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