In a Magnanimous Fit…

I got an email from ASLA last Friday suggesting that I volunteer to speak at the local school since April is Landscape Architecture Month.  In what must have been some kind of a magnanimous fit I fired off an email to the Culver School Superintendent volunteering to do just that.  Wouldn’t you know it, April 23rd is Career Day at the the Culver Middle School and they were thrilled to hear that I was volunteering to speak that afternoon.  Five 20 minute rotations of about 15 students each.  Wow…

In reality, it shouldn’t be much of a big deal and I generally believe in giving back to the community.  Landscape Architecture actually came up as one of the careers (1 of about 100… that test was worthless for me...) that came up on my high school aptitude test.  At that time, not only had I never met a Landscape Architect, I had never even heard the term!  I never gave it any consideration and was leaning towards Architecture until I went to a presentation at Ball State’s School of Architecture.  They have a Landscape Architecture program there as well and it was included as part of the presentation.  That was my real introduction to the idea of Landscape Architecture and the diverse potential of that field. 

My limited instructions on what is expected on career day is to briefly introduce the career and what it involves.  Then to tie it into how what they’re learning in school would be useful in this career.  Piece of cake, huh?  Who knows, I may inspire the next Fredrick Law Olmstead!

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