Warts and All

Yei-Yei's Game Room Sign 2I haven’t been posting as often as I would like the last few weeks as I’ve been working on getting another project up in our portfolio.  (Not to mention dealing with the holidays, Will and Kathy’s retirement, etc.)  Yei-Yei’s  Game Room is a project that we’ve been working on since the summer of 2013.  We expect it to wrap up this Spring.  The project is unique.  It is an underground game room with two bowling lanes as the center piece.  The challenges of the underground structure adjacent to a lake with the associated waterproofing along with learning a plethora of bowling alley minutia were something out of the ordinary.  Anyway, I thought I would include the link to the draft here for anyone who wants to watch the creation and editing process as it goes.  I don’t want my lurkers to get bored!

I’m attempting to create some slide shows to illustrate some of the sequencing like I did with the Logansport Library page.  I did a slide show for the stairs there.  (I’m always amazed when I see how many pictures I’ve taken and yet don’t have the one I want.)  There is an issue with the program where it doesn’t like more than one slide show on a page, so I’m attempting a work-around on that.

If you go there and find errors, feel free to let me know.  I’m still considering it a draft until I put it in the portfolio link structure so you can find it from the main website menu.

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