Easterday Construction Co., Inc. 2008 Little League Team

ECC 2008 Little League TeamEasterday Construction Co., Inc. has supported little league in Culver for about as long as there has been little league in Culver.  We’re proud to do our small part as sponsors of this local endeavor.  It’s a wonderful way for kids to learn a skill, learn teamwork and sportsmanship.  And this year, we were even able to get the “Easterday Green” as the shirt colors!

 Update:  I asked Francis Ellert of Coca-Cola, Plymouth if he could get me names of players.  Francis is very involved in the Culver Little League program.  He gave me the following list of names, though he couched this with, “Some teams made trades and didn’t notify us.”  If anyone can give me a line-up in the picture, I’d appreciate it!

Coach:  Chris Stevens;  Assistant Coach:  Tammy Shedrow

Players:  Natalie Stevens, Ethan Coyle, Shane Stevens, Madison Shedrow, Oliver Lampton-Adkins, Zachary Culver and Brendan Brown

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