Happy Thanksgiving

This past week most all of us celebrated Thanksgiving. The original Thanksgiving is known as a celebration of coming together after the a successful harvest. Most of us have moved away from direct ties to the harvest season, but Thanksgiving still celebrates a successful year. It has also morphed into a celebration of family. This has become more significant as our families have become more far flung. Often this is one of the few times we gather as family.

As I’ve mentioned here before, Easterday Construction Company is a family business. This has more than one meaning to me. While on one level, it references the ties I have to my great grandfather, Russell Easterday, who started the business, in my mind it also references my ties to the employees that have been here for year after year. Many ECC employees have been here for decades.

That longevity has benefits that translate into mutual knowledge in the way things are done and a confidence that you can’t buy. On the flip side it adds responsibility when considering jobs and a sense of urgency for finding work to keep everyone working. Employees in a small family business are also family and often friends.

As with many holidays, Thanksgiving has become extended. We had Thanksgiving with family the weekend before and celebrated Thanksgiving with friends the weekend after. In a way, we’ll be celebrating it with another group of friends we only see once a year next weekend. So, even though I’m a few days off the actual holiday, Happy Thanksgiving to and from everyone at Easterday Construction Co., Inc.!

Cornucopia image borrowed from www.timeanddate.com

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