Leroy Bean Employee Profile

This profile appeared in The Easterday Parade, Vol. I, No. 6, October 1990.

Leroy William Bean has been an employee of Easterday Construction Company since 10/01/62.  Nearly 28 years ago Leroy was hired by Russell L. Easterday as a truck driver, to work and make deliveries out of the shop.  He held this position working under Cubby Bair for approximately 3 years, until the office began receiving too many complaints about Leroy from the job sites.  Apparently, Leroy was such a hard worker that the superintendents wanted to keep him on site.

Leroy went from truck driver to laborer to labor foreman under Denny Larue to Job Superintendent.  The first major project placed under his control was the Saemann Building downtown Warsaw.  This was the renovation of an old building under the Historic Preservation Laws in 1983 and 1984.

While on the jobs, Leroy was shortened to Roy, which is how many of us still know him.  Avon Murray, an electrician that worked for CCC in the past, did this bit of editing for him.  Apparently Avon thought Leroy was too long to remember.

Leroy was born in the Chicago area on May 7th, 1941 and grew up around Culver.  Margaret, Leroy’s wife is from Winamac.  They were married on July 22nd, 1961.  They have lived in their current residence in the town of Culver for the past 22 years.  They have spent loads of time and energy remodeling and recently won a civic award from the Culver Beautification Committee.  This effort is still continuing with Leroy spending much of this summer remodeling there kitchen with new cabinets made by “Uncle Bud” Cripe.

Leroy and Margaret have two daughters, Kim and Cheryl, both in their late twenties.  They have three grandchildren:  Kim’s 8 year old soon Roy Lee, and Cheryl’s 6 year old son Morgan and 4 year old daughter Amy.

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