Dr. Ronald W. Liechty – President, Garden Court, Inc.

To Whom it may concern: 

                Easterday Construction Company has been the contractor of choice for Garden Court, Inc., for more than a decade.  They have been the general Contractor for seven (7) of our facilities, having built units in Argos, Bourbon, Knox, Plymouth  (Fairfield), Mentone and Lapaz.  They are now completing a Unit in Culver.  These are housing units for senior citizens and  the disabled with funding through the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).  Therefore, our plans must be approved both by our own Board and HUD officials. 

                We as a Board of Directors have chosen Easterday Construction because they have the same goals as Garden Court.  We want a quality facility and Easterday has provided that level of quality.  We want a facility that, when turned over to us, is both ready to receive clients and does not have continuing Problems.  Easterday has turned over facilities that are ready to use, with very few punch-list concerns or needed return visits.  And, we are pleased with the Co-operative attitude of the executives of Easterday as well as the on-site managers. 

                Easterday Construction Company has provided a level of quality that has satisfied our Board of Directors, the HUD officials, and most of all, the Residents of our facilities. 

                We are pleased to work with Easterday Construction, and look forward to more common efforts in the future.


Ronald W Liechty

President, Board of Directors

Garden Court, Inc.

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