Happy Birthday Melba Easterday

Red & Melba Easterday

Red & Melba Easterday

If you happen to see my Great Aunt Melba Easterday tomorrow, March 21st, wish her a Happy Birthday! It will be her 95th!

She’s become the family historian and contributed significantly to the article that Jeff Kenny wrote about Easterday Construction which I reprinted here.  I also wrote a bit about her previously on her 90th Birthday here. Just for fun and history, the picture to the right came from one of the old Easterday Construction Scrap Books and shows Red and Melba at the Cove for one of the Easterday Construction Retirement Parties. Melba is the last of that generation of the Easterday Construction family.

Aunt Melba still brings me and all of us at Easterday Construction homemade candy every Christmas. her laugh can still be heard across a crowded room, her good spirits are infectious and she’s always someone with a positive attitude and a smile to share.

I still try and keep an eye on her. She still lives on her own in the house just north of Easterday Construction. Just last month when we had a wind storm blow through, I snuck over and picked up a bunch of down branches in her yard. I had to do it quickly though! If I had waited too long, she’d have been out there doing it herself!

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