Happy Thanksgiving!

Cookie Gobblers made for cookie gobblers…I ran across these on the Internet and thought they looked like a fun project to make and then destroy…though my teeth cringe a little about enduring that much sugar.  The cookies pictured above were from a site called HI Cookery and included instructions for making them here.  The instruction even included a video!

For those with even more ambition, here’s a recipe for making Turkey Cookies with more “from scratch” ingredients.  They’re shown in the picture at the right.  This one requires actually baking some chocolate cookies rather than just cracking open an Oreo.  I found this one at the Worth Pinning site here.

I know you were just dying for a suggestion on how to use up that Candy Corn left over from Halloween…  Here you go!

Happy Thanksgiving from everyone at Easterday Construction Co., Inc.!

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