Ronald Liechty’s Birthday

Ron Liechty

Ronald Liechty

I was fortunate to be invited to attend Ron Liechty’s 80th Birthday Party at the Conservation Club on Saturday.  It was a surprise party put on by his family and it was nice to see the community come out to celebrate with him.

I’ve known Ron for over a decade and I am pleased to call him a friend.  My initial introduction was through Easterday Construction’s work on Garden Court projects.  Up until this year Ron has been the President of Garden Court.  This is a case of a client becoming a friend… A goal I have with all of our clients.

If I hadn’t met Ron through work, I’m sure I would have known him through other associations.  It seems like he has been an ubiquitous fixture in Plymouth and Marshall County over the last several decades, serving on various boards and in many cases taking on the leadership and spearheading projects.  He is an example of someone giving back to the community.  This is an example I try to follow and try to encourage others to pursue.

Earlier this year, Bradley Company and Garden Court had a retirement party for Ron.  It was held at the Community Resource Center.  (Another project that Ron spearheaded as chairman of the Community Resource Center board.)  Several people spoke and gave good-natured jabs to Ron, saying how fortunate they were that he couldn’t say “no”.  That may well be a weakness Ron has, but I think they missed how that relates to one of his strengths…  It is nearly impossible to say no to Ron!  Ron has always set an example of selfless service to the community.  When he quietly asks you to step up and follow his example, how can you say no?  It is my experience that very few have.  It is never high pressure.  It never comes across as guilt, blackmail or coercion.  It is never done publicly so as to cause you embarrassment if you must decline.  It is simply stated:   This is a cause in which he believes and in which he has invested his personal time and energy.  Would you consider helping as well?

I wish Ron the best as he steps back from some of his projects and actually begins to take some retirement time.  As he does this, his influence will be missed.  But the mark he has made on the community will continue.  As well as the mark he has left on individuals such as myself.

Happy Birthday Ron!

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