CEF Girls Cabin Progress 6-6-11

The cabin is nearly complete.  We are in the process of installing screens and window hardware.  Shelving and electrical will follow shortly.  It’s almost sad, but tomorrow all the beautiful cedar you see in the picture above will be stained to match the existing cabins.  This will only be done on the exterior.  The interior will be allowed to age naturally.

Both interior and exterior structural members are held together using custom plates bolted at the joints.  This is similar to the materials used originally.  Siding and other wood members were assembled using non-staining galvanized nails.  The roof deck is visible from the bott0m here.  The deck is made from tongue and groove 2 x 6 cedar.

The cabin should be complete next week.   None too soon as Woodcraft Camp will be starting shortly.  We want to be out of there before 200+ elementary school girls take over this part of the camp!

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