Culver Academies Woodcraft Camp Cabin

We are currently working on a new cabin for the girls’ section of the Woodcraft Camp.  We are duplicating the existing cabins as much as possible, using cedar for nearly everything that is exposed.

We had a false start where we got off square due to tree roots, but we regrouped and are back under construction with walls standing and our first rafters in the air.

Culver Academies have 70 cabins in the Woodcraft Camp as well as about a dozen or so other accessory buildings.  The camp has been in its current location for almost 50 years.  Prior to that it was part of the main campus.  The Woodcraft Camp program is celebrating its centennial this year.  I’m not sure what all will be included in the celebration, but I’m guessing they will do it up right.

From A Salute to the Woodcraft Camps by Robert B.D. Hartman

The cabins have changed very little over the years.  The first one was built as a display and transported to the site for placement on concrete piers.  The roofing material has changed over the years, going from cedar shakes to composite faux cedar shakes, to the current use of architectural shingles; and some of the hidden structure has been changed to treated lumber.  Beyond those changes, great pains have been taken to match the authentic original designs.

As I’m writing this, more changes may be in the works though.  We currently have a variance application at the State requesting a waiver on the new rules that would require this cabin to have a fire sprinkler system.  Aside from the fact that this would be the only sprinkled cabin on the site,  it would be extremely difficult and costly to extend adequate water lines to supply a sprinkler system.

The plan is to have this new cabin completed in time for the 2011 Woodcraft Camp starting in June.  We’re pressed for time due to the wet weather we’ve been having, but we’re making good progress.  Watch for more enteries here as we progress.

For those of you interested in additional information on the Culver Academies Woodcraft Camp, I would suggest you take a look at A Salute to the Woodcraft Camps by Robert B.D. Hartman.  I have attached a copy here.

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