Larry Lindvall

December 23, 2019

Kevin Berger


Easterday Construction lost another friend from the past earlier this month. Lawrence “Larry” Lindvall, Jr. passed away.

I knew Larry as the salesman for Wickes Lumber in Argos when I started here. Wickes is no longer there and Larry retired from there before Wickes shut down.

Obituary from the Pilot News

Larry was the salesman that would find you anything. If Wickes didn’t carry it, he would find someone who did, set up an account with them and get it for you. If he found something for you and for some reason the supplier didn’t want to work with Wickes, he would go ahead and give us the contact information, so we could get it on our own. He wanted us to be successful. He was a bulldog about making sure his clients had what they needed and were happy. With most salesmen, after they have looked a bit, they give up and move on… usually without letting us know they’ve given up. With Larry, if I didn’t shut him down, he might pop up a month later with a quote for an item, saying, “I finally found this! How many do you need?”

His previous experience as a contractor often meant that he had advice (good advice) on how to do things. This varied from suggesting materials and techniques for completing the tasks or specific tools that made the job easier. He would not only stop here at the office, but also stop in the field to speak to the superintendents and try and address their needs. This was also valuable in that he was constantly learning. He would often ask what I had in mind and then say, “I saw it being done like this on So & So’s project. It looks like that might be a better option.”

In the end, Larry was a friend as well as a salesman. He occasionally came around to say hello long after he retired. He was always welcome.

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