Guest Post from Amy Lara: 8 Awesome Architecture Designs that Catch Your Eye

November 21, 2019

Kevin Berger

Guest Post

8 Awesome Architecture Designs that Catch Your Eye

Architecture tells stories, gives form and character to history, and brings us closer into it. Its capability is depicting the attractiveness of life in every phase of mankind’s occurrence. The older buildings have a story, a legend, and in the end, something memorable. They possess the characteristics of the period where they were made. They represent a masterpiece of the town where they have been situated.

But with the evolution of society, and thus architecture, today we’re witnessing a gorgeous architectural building of contemporary architecture that could make us breathless. We must notice that on the planet, many structures are capable of causing a storm of emotions. Architects develop some from around the Earth, and some talented and self-taught, some cause shock and surprise while others grin and delight. They leave no one indifferent. Below, you can view 8 masterpieces that will catch your eye.

Notre Dame, Paris

Notre Dame Cathedral

The latest fire that tore through one of the world’s most historic buildings has brought this famous building lots of attention. We’ve incorporated it on our list to spot it in its complete glory. Construction began in 1160, and the building has simply had a peppered history of destruction and reconstruction. Hopefully, this latest reconstruction will return it to its past majesty or maybe simply go on it into an exciting new direction.

Cathedral of Brasilia, Brasilia

Cathedral of Brasilia

The curved beauty in Brazil’s Brasilia is as striking inside as outside with its exquisite stained glass and crown-like structure. It was constructed between 1958-1970 by Oscar Niemeyer and Lúcio Costa, who were famous communists. They rejected the trend for cube-like design favored with their peers and renowned that the majesty of the curve.

The Dancing House, Prague

Dancing House

Labeled the Dancing House, Prague’s Nationale-Nederlanden structure was designed by Croatian-Czech architect Vlado Milunić along with Canadian-American designer Frank Gehry.

The deconstructivist – or novel-baroque – building forms an uncommon dancing figure throgh to 99 concrete panels, each a different shape and measurement. The structure is now featured on a gold 2,000 Czech koruna coin allotted by the Czech National Bank.

Guggenheim Museum Bilbao


The Guggenheim Museum Bilbao is a repository of modern and traditional art designed by Canadian American architect Frank Gehry. It is situated in Bilbao, Basque Country, Spain. It is among the biggest museums in Spain. It is one of the durable and visited exhibits of works by world and Spanish artists.

Cube Houses – Rotterdam, Netherlands

Cube House

Just additional proof that Rotterdam Netherlands is
absolutely a hotspot of contemporary design; those 38 interconnected cubes
offer really unique dwelling. Architect Piet Blom designed the Cube Houses as
they’re understood. It is assembled on Overblaak Street above the Blaak Subway
Station at Rotterdam.

Blom designed the innovative living places with the premise of “living as a metropolitan roof” and took the conventional cube shaped living space, tilted it 45 degrees and placed it on a hexagon-shaped pylon. The cubes are all interconnected as well. The designer explains the project is for a village where each block (house) symbolizes a tree along with all the trees (houses) together form a forest.

The Fallingwater House, Pennsylvania

Falling Water

The design of this iconic house was inspired by architecture that’s famed for using cantilevers. The home, which was idyllically incorporated into the pure water landscape, was established as a weekend escape to the Kaufmann family.

The house’s condition began to deteriorate so quickly after construction that Mr. Kaufman called it the ‘seven-buckets building’, referring to this leaky roof. What’s more, the cantilevered terraces began to fall off due to the shortage of proper reinforcement. The house failed re-vamping several times and became into a museum in 2002.

Markthal – Rotterdam, Netherlands

Markthal (Market Hall)

Also referred to as ‘Market Hall’ this entry on the list of amazing architecture highlights the city of Rotterdam Netherlands’ innovation and innovative nature. The decorated Market Hall combines parking, leisure, living, and dining, creating a fully self-contained facility.

It is located in a food market with more than 100 stalls offering fresh foods daily. Parking is provided in the cellar below, and the covered courtyard of this building provides an indoor market that still has the texture of an outside market thanks to this building’s huge glass confronts. If you’re a fan of a contemporary living, you might end up living in one of the colorful murals as the building houses 228 apartments all with unique perspectives.

The National Library – Minsk, Belarus

National Library

National Library of Belarus located in Minsk. You’d be pardoned for not even recognizing the name for a Rhombicuboctahedron. It is precisely the structure of 3D contour using 18 square and 8 triangular faces.

The 236 ft tall building has 22 floors and was completed in 2006. Designed by architects Viktor Kramarenko and Mihail Vinogradov, the structure can seat about 2000 readers and includes a 500 seat conference hall. The design of the intriguing use of architecture attracts folks from everywhere, which makes it one of the milestones in Minsk.

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