Charley Creek Inn Dedication Plaque

It’s fairly timely after my January 9th post regarding the Plymouth High School dedication plaque that the dedication plaque for the Charley Creek Inn Expansion project was installed. It was discussed last Fall that having a plaque to dedicate the expansion to Richard Ford, since this was one of his last visions. I’m sure he would be proud that his nephews followed through on this vision and made the project possible. The plaque was produced for us by Vanadco in Argos. Easterday Construction Co., Inc. and SRKM Architecture participated in this plaque for the honor of having our names included.

The plaque is Bronze relief with a dark brown mottled background. It was placed on the northeast column on the front of the courtyard where it can be read from the street. It was mounted to the brick using concealed fasteners. One of those nerve wracking installations since it involves drilling holes into the brick without causing spalling. It was also critical to get the mounting correct so that the plaque sat level and centered on the column when the installation was complete. John, Scott and Zack did a nice job with this installation.

Some of my lurkers know that I serve on the Marshall County Community Foundation board of directors. At the last meeting, the board president asked each of us to name a couple of individuals that were an influence on my life. This past year working on the Charley Creek Inn expansion, Richard has been in my thoughts and I want to do my best since he’s watching. I named him as one of the people who was an influence on me. He is an endorsement on our website. I will never forget when I asked him if he would endorse us, he said, “Of course. My father told me never to pass up a chance to do something good for someone.” I know that Richard took those words to heart and they have influenced me as well. I was fortunate to serve on a philanthropic board with Richard and learn from his generous donation of time and energy. This also influenced me on my decisions to serve on other boards and give back to the community.

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