Why didn’t anyone tell me that?

This is a non-construction tip.  I saw this on Twitter the other day and wondered why no one ever told me this.  The little triangle on your gas gauge next to the gas pump symbol…  It’s not just a triangle, it’s an arrow pointing to the side of the car that the gas cap is on.  Really!?!  Why didn’t anyone tell me that?  Not that it’s a huge deal, but it’s definitely one of those PITA things when you rent a car and pull in expecting it to be one way and it turns out to be the other way.  I’m sure some of you (like Julie here in our office) are thinking, “Duh!  How could he not know that?”  Well, I didn’t.  If you didn’t, you’re welcome.  Ha!

Since reading about this I’ve been looking and not every car has it.  That makes me feel a little better.  It’s still something good to know.  I’ll at least look the next time I’m trying to put gas in a strange car.

Source:  Gas gauge picture borrowed from howisavemoney.net

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