Linda’s Ride

Linda's Ride

Linda’s Ride

I had the good fortune to meet Linda Yoder through mutual friends a few years ago.  It’s always fun to meet a new dynamic friend, but keeping up with her can make me tired!

I’ve only known Linda since she relocated to Marshall County from Nappanee, initially coming here as part of a green energy, electric vehicle start up.  From there she took over the Executive Director positions for the Marshall County Community Foundation and the Marshall County United Way.  On Friday, April 25th, I got the opportunity to learn a little about her life in Nappanee.

Linda was the Director of the Nappanee Public Library for many years, transforming the library and transforming the community through the library.  Her contributions were such that that the library wanted to do something to commemorate her tenure there.  Knowing her commitment to the arts, including her successful launch of a Nappanee Arts Festival, they chose to commission a sculpture for her.  Her boundless energy made the choice of a mobile, a kinetic art form, a natural choice.  Like Linda, the sculpture will be in perpetual motion.

Linda making her acceptance speech next to Library Director Lissa Krull

Linda making her acceptance speech next to current Nappanee Library Director Lissa Krull

John Mishler, the artist commissioned for this work, incorporated symbols of her involvement in music, dance, art and sports among other things.  The sculpture is hung in a junction of the library corridor where the HVAC vents will keep it constantly in motion.

Becky and I were pleased that Linda asked us to share this event with her.  It was fun to meet some of her friends and hear about some of her previous work.    Marshall County is fortunate that Linda is sharing her boundless energy and civic commitment with us here.  She is already making a mark not only with the organizations that she heads, but with other outside efforts like spearheading the effort to bring Project Lead The Way to Marshall County.  Someday Marshall County will need to come up with their own commemoration of Linda’s successes in our communities as well.

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