3D Printing for Construction

January 20, 2014

Kevin Berger



Image borrowed from coopernundrums.com

It looks like some more Star Trek tech is coming to life.  Remember the replicators?  Apparently it could replicate anything, but Captain Picard was constantly wasting it in, “Tea.  Earl Grey.  Hot.”  It was mainly shown synthesizing food, though occasionally Geordi used it to replace a part.

Now 3D printers have come to life and according to a recent article in ENR, we’ll soon be seeing 3D printers set up on sites creating structures, layer by layer…  This may lead to some design changes.  3D printers prefer curves.


Image borrowed from enr.construction.com

The interesting tie here is that NASA is considering using them on the Moon and Mars.  The plan is to use them to build landing bases out of materials gathered from the surface.  I think we should let NASA figure it out first, but  the time is coming when you’ll call the construction company to come and “print” your new building.

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