Walnuts to beat the band!

2013 Walnuts (pile)

This is what 200 gallons of walnuts look like…

I spent last weekend picking up walnuts.  I lost count on the number of buckets, but I’m estimating I picked up over 200 gallon.  I was too lazy to drag them up and weigh them, but they weren’t light.  We have four walnut trees and we had a bumper crop.    I have a Nut Wizard that works pretty good for picking them up, but this year they were so thick that even that was a challenge.  It does well with one nut, but when you are running across a clump of 5, it doesn’t have the opportunity spread out and pick them up.

Image borrowed from manlandsite.com

I usually have squirrels in the yard, but I’ve seen nary a one lately.  I think they are probably passed out in food comas.  That or they were too fat to climb the trees and the coyotes got them!  I’m sure they won’t appreciate the work it took to pile them up in one place for them.  If I see them taking them back out in the yard to bury, it may be time to get a gun!

Becky conveniently has an allergy to walnuts, so I’m on my own with this project.  She’s not just allergic to eating the, she’s allergic to the nuts and the trees themselves.  That’s probably going to get her out of picking up leaves this year too.  She’s feeling guilty, but wasn’t too amused when I started practicing my epi pen attack.

All this to say, if you are interested in some walnuts, I have a helluva deal for you!  All you have to do is come and make them go away.  Believe it or not, they’re still coming down!

2013 Walnuts (Ground)


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