Audiologist Humor

I was at an Audiologist conference with my wife, Becky, the last few days.  Below’s a sample of Audiologist humor from the Resound blog.  You’ll see what I’ve been putting up with for the last few days.  Putting up with it at a resort retreat wasn’t bad though.  If I’d been healthy it would have been better.  I came down with a cold the day before we left and I’m still fighting it now.  Unfortunately for Becky, all of her quality time with me has resulted in her catching it now too.

One thing I’ve decided.  Audiologists like corny jokes… and Alcohol…  Lots of Alcohol!  So here you go…

Audiologist Pick-up Lines:

  • Want to come over and study forced oscillation and resonance factor?
  • Trust me, I am a doctor.
  • I bet no one can put you in a supine position faster and better than me.
  • Want to learn the log roll?
  • Two words: Fixation denied.
  • Ask me about down ten up five
  • I know the Sabine’s Reverberation Equation. Want to come and test it out in my boudoir?
  • We do it periodically with frequency and great amplitude.
  • Between you and me, we can make Longitudinal waves and Transverse waves.
  • Let’s measure how loud and how far your voice can propagate via simple means of compression and rarefaction.
  • Bone oscillation. Need I say more?
  • Audiology. We bring the “Oooo?!” in Otolaryngology
  • Allow me to find your natural frequency
  • Does the word tinnitus ring a bell?
  • Someday I will find the cure to tinnitus (that ringing noise you hear in your ears) and win the “No Bell” prize.

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