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It’s pretty well known that an easy way to save energy (and money!) is to turn your thermostat down.  To do this without being there, the choice has always been the programmable thermostat.  These come in several varieties with the ultimate being a seven day programmable stat which allowed you to program different settings for weekdays and weekends.  The problem has always been the programming.  Even on the best of these units, it wasn’t easy.

The Nest Thermostat has eliminated the programming part of this equation by introducing a learning mode.  Yes, it saves time and money by learning your household patterns and programming itself.

On top of the self-programming features, if you have a wireless network, the device can be accessed from the web through your computer or smart phone.  Forgot to set it to vacation mode before you hit the road?  No problem.  Making a quick trip up to the cottage and want it warmed up or cooled off before you get there?  Easy!  Wake up in the middle of the night with that bad feeling about pipes freezing at the cottage?  Log on and check it out!

Now in it’s second generation, the Nest thermostat is sleek and stylish.  It doesn’t look like your typical thermostat and it catches your eye with it’s cobalt blue face and reflective metal surround.  The second generation has added more compatibility with different types of heating and cooling systems, it has reduced the depth of its profile and it is still available for $249 at  Not exactly a cheap device, but it does a lot!

Lennox offers their Icomfort Wi-Fi touchscreen thermostat which takes advantage of remote monitoring as well.  It provides the accessibility, but not the learning functions or the accessibility to as many other heating and cooling systems available with the Nest.  It’s not quite as stylish in my opinion.  It is also more expensive, listed at $299 at

In either case, in the long run, I think this is Green That Saves Green.  If you aren’t using a programmable thermostat and by starting save $20 per month, you will have it paid off in a couple of years.  From there on it is money back in your pocket.


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