I’m Prescient!

November 14, 2012

Politics, Rants

Politics, Rants

NBC Headline:  Obama claims mandate on taxes

Image borrowed from the NBCNews.com article referenced herein.

I’m Prescient!  <sigh>  As I posted here and here a mandate has been claimed for a win by a scant few percentage points, thus setting us up for more partisan rancor.  If the above referenced article (found here) is to be believed, it’s stated even worse as a “broad” mandate in the first line, “President Barack Obama claimed a broad mandate for his vision on taxes at his first news conference since being re-elected, demanding that his negotiations with Congress yield a specific plan that results in a higher tax burden for the wealthiest Americans.”

So we went from “calling both sides together to arrive at a solution” to “demanding” in a matter of a week.  So much for healing…

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