Veterans Day ’12

Picture borrowed from Bugles Across America

Take a moment this Veteran’s Day to consider the sacrifices made by Veterans and their families.  Some have paid the ultimate price and sacrificed their lives.  Some are still sacrificing their lives in missions around the world.  Please consider if there is something you can do to show your appreciation.

Locally, I have told you about Veterans Theraputic Art Center and their mission to reintegrate veterans into our community.

Nationally, I am impressed with Bugles Across America and their mission to provide a live bugle player to play taps when a veteran is laid to rest.

Internationally, I am pleased to see the work of the USO to bring a piece of home to our soldiers serving overseas.

These are just a few good groups out there.  I’m sure you have your own favorites.  Consider doing something today to make a difference through the group of your choosing… or directly if the opportunity is available to you.

Easterday Construction continued to participate in Red Shirt Fridays this summer to show our support for the troops.  We will be looking for other ways to continue our support in the coming years.

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