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October 29, 2012

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I was called by a client that rents an office with cubicles.  A woman in one of the cubicles was complaining about the air conditioning blowing down on her.  I was a little surprised about this since the vent was directly over her head and the vent had a ceiling deflector that should have distributed the cool air away from her.  But as always, the client (or client’s tenant) is always right.

The initial request was to close off the vent.  I was hesitant to do this since that would tend to change the balance of the system which we had struggled for months to get right.  We did a little research and found an air deflector at

I installed the deflector and while doing the installation I checked and there was enough slack in the flexible duct work to move the diffuser two feet to the side.  (After checking with the adjacent cubicle dweller to make sure she was okay with that.)  So far, so good.  A satisfied tenant and thus a satisfied client.

I am a little concerned that this may be a temporary solution.  The diffusers are placed near the windows since that’s the area area where the most change in temperature occurs.  Since this tenant is apparently slightly cold blooded, she may well be too cold this winter once the HVAC system switches over to heat from AC.  That is a nice thing with this deflector though.  It will be as easy to remove as replace.  It is light weight as well, so the easy storage solution will be to just place it above the ceiling on the grid until it is needed again.

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