Butler Manufacturing Company SunLite Strip

We have always promoted Butler Manufacturing Company’s (BMCMR-24 Roof System for new commercial buildings as well as large reroof projects.  In Culver we have installed this roof on the Edgewater Grille (now Lakehouse Grille), the Culver Ambulance Garage and part of the Culver Street Department Facility.  In Plymouth we have installed this on the Grace Baptist School, the Boys & Girls Club Gym, the Marshall County Highway Department Garage, Pioneer Auto as well as others.  We’ve installed this roof throughout the region with excellent results.  We’ve been pleased with the Pittsburgh double-lock standing seam that is used to make the panels weathertight.  (See GIF at right)  BMC now has a Sunlite Strip Daylighting System for use with MR-24 roofs.  It can be retrofitted to existing roofs as well as included in new construction.

Daylighting has become one of the “Green” initiatives, allowing natural light to be brought into buildings.  The new systems harvest natural light in a much more efficient manner than traditional skylights and the old translucent panels that were often installed on metal buildings.  The raised profile is also safer, since it is visible when walking the roof on a day when the roof is snow covered, or the panels are otherwise obscured by roof debris.

BMC has also created a program called SunLite Calc which allows modeling of different levels of daylight.  The program then generates simple payback calculations to determine if the system is right for your facility.  Let us know if you are interested in discussing these options for your facility.  With the Sunlite Calc we can help you determine if this is “Green that Saves Green“.

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