Merry Christmas

December 24, 2011

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On a lighter note, I’ll give you my top three Christmas movies.  Anyone that knows me knows that my sense of humor is a little non-traditional and probably won’t be surprised by this list.  Suffice to say I trend toward the humorous over the “heart-warming”…

  1. A Christmas Story – Okay, okay… there are some heartwarming moments in this, but overall there’s a lot of humor.  This movie was adapted from a short story by Jean Shepherd.  If you haven’t seen it, TNT runs it on a 24hr loop for Christmas Day.  It’s worth a look.  It will be on in the background when we’re opening presents Christmas morning.
  2. Scrooged  –  I’m not always a big Bill Murray fan and he’s his typical over-the-top self here, but I still enjoy this retelling of A Christmas Carol.  Bobcat Goldthwait is even well cast here.
  3. Bad Santa – This one’s not for everyone and definitely not kiddie fare.  If you get the uncut version there’s a lot of violence and language, but there are some genuine laugh-out-loud scenes here.  Billy Bob Thorton stars in this, so as you can imagine it’s not a sugar cookie and gum drop movie.

Yeah, well, in reality they all have some sort of redeeming, heart-warming ending, but it’s all done with a bit of humor.

          In closing I wanted to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy, Healthy and hopefully Prosperous New Year.  May you get your Red Ryder BB Gun and not a pink bunny suit (A Christmas Story) and not

a toaster

         to the jaw (Scrooged).  Hopefully no one steals your advent calendar chocolate either!  (Bad Santa)

Merry Christmas!!!


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