Cabana Ceiling Framing

One of the more difficult parts of this project (previously discussed here and here) was achieving the crossing barrel ceilings.  We had hoped that the truss manufacturer could provide the framework for this, but in the end, we only received square blocked out areas.  Coming up with a way to frame this and then actually doing it was a challenge.  This is the result, looking up at the area where the two barrels cross with the fireplace in the background.

We are in the process of completing electrical rough-in now.   Some of the ENT (Electrial Non-metalic Tubing) being used is visible in the picture.  Once that is complete, we will be installing vinyl soffit material to form the ceiling itself.  Vinyl soffit was chosen due to its flexibility in conforming to the barrel framing and its linear form that will accent the length of the barrels.

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