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The Remnant Trust


The Remnant Trust Book Vault

The Remnant Trust Book Vault

The Remnant Trust in partnership with OrthoWorx held an Open House for their Winona Lake facility on December 3rd, 2010.  (See previous entries on this project here and here.)  Unfortunately I was unable to attend, but Will and Kathy Pearson attended as representatives for Easterday Construction Co., Inc.  The Open House was attended by various members of the Warsaw and Winona Lake Community.  Brian Bex, one of the founding members of The Remnant Trust, was there signing copies of his book Summa Liberte’:  The Unchaining of Ideas.

Exterior view of the Winona Lake Remnant Trust facility

This project began with bidding in the early Spring of 2010 and culminated with this Open House the first week in December of 2010.  Finalizing funding delayed construction until Summer.  While mainly an interior remodel, the project also included some minor maintenance and upgrades to the exterior such as the repair of rotted wood and the addition of security lighting.

The Remnant Trust Open House 2

The Vault Room in the new finished Remnant Trust facility in Winona Lake during the Open House

For this project, we took an existing building owned by Grace College and remodeled it into a storage vault and research facility for preserved documents.  The interior of the building was tongue and groove wood siding that we had to match and blend with new.  The existing open framework was maintained except in the vault room where walls were deepened to accommodate additional insulation and to allow us to make the room less permeable.  All of our joints were either caulked or otherwise sealed.  The new acoustical ceiling tile system was installed with clips to hold the tile in place.  Pressure tests were completed at the end of the vault construction to verify that it was appropriately sealed.  A specialized fire suppression system was installed, designed to extinguish a fire in the early stages without introducing water or other chemicals that could harm the documents stored within.    UV protective film was installed on the windows and sensitive HVAC and alarm systems were installed.  Additional security lighting was installed around the perimeter.

This ends another project that we are proud to have in our portfolio.  Congratulations to The Remnant Trust and Kris Bex, Director of this new facility, for this new addition to their library system.

The Remnant Trust in Winona Lake

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