LaPaz Garden Court Progress


LaPaz Garden Court site 1-31-10

LaPaz Garden Court Site Under Snow and Concrete Blankets January 31, 2010

We struggled with this project through the winter when just a couple of more good weeks would have kept us going.  Then with the wet weather this Spring, our progress on the site was further impeded.  The site soils have a lot of clay, so when it gets wet, it stays wet, it’s not workable and doesn’t want to dry out.  Despite covering the site with concrete blankets, the underlying ground became saturated and frozen. 

Utilities have been an issue too as both the Town of LaPaz and AEP have vacillated on what they wanted regarding the sewer and electric service respectively.  The sewer situation has been settled and is in the ground.  We believe that the Town of LaPaz made good decisions for both themselves and LaPaz Garden Court.  The revised solution provides gravity service to the site and also provides capacity for future expansion in the area.  The electric service has basically gone back to the original design after exploring multiple scenarios.  We think this just clarified the best route in both cases.

LaPaz Garden Court NE Corner July 2010

LaPaz Garden Court – View of the Northeast Corner

We’ve made some great strides forward this Spring and early Summer though!  We are gaining on our schedule and the project is really coming together.  Siding installation has just been completed bringing exterior finishes on the building to about 95% complete.  Site work is proceeding.  The detention ponds are roughed in and nearly complete.  The walks and curbs are in place and the driveways should be started any day.

Inside, all infrastructure rough-in is complete and drywall is complete.  Painting and other finishes will be starting within the week.  Things are coming together nicely!

Unfortunately we had a break-in , but for whatever reason, the resulting damages and missing materials were minimal.  We have secured the building further against similar assaults and have been assured of additional patrols by the State Police.  We don’t anticipate this being a problem again as the building is secure and well patrolled.

This is our 7th Garden Court facility (See others here) and we continue to enjoy our relationship with the Garden Court team of B.A. Martin Architect, P.C., Hughes & Associates, Real Estate Management Corp. and Dr. Ronald Liechty representing the Garden Court, Inc. organization.  We continue to look forward to Culver Garden Court starting later this year.

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