Lake Maxinkuckee Film Festival

September 14, 2009


Charity, Culver

Film Reel Entrance to the Lake Maxinkuckee Film Festival September 5, 2009

This past Labor Day Weekend was the 2nd annual  Lake Maxinkuckee Film Festival.  I understand that this was the brain child of Dan Bickel, owner of the Lakeside Cinema and Edgewater Grille.  Dan tells a little about his vision for the Lake Maxinkuckee Film Festival here.  He got a group together to put this on as a charitable event.  Carol & John Zeglis are involved, so our “Record” became a “Reel of Film” to welcome attendees.  The plan was to roll out the red carpet and make the Film Reel an arch for attendees to walk through.

If you want to read more about the Film Festival, there were pictures in the Pilot News here and an article in the Culver Citizen here as well as the Pilot News front page picture below.

Carol Zeglis commissioned this display piece and we designed it to be durable and reusable.  It is made of a solid expanded foam interior encased in plywood.  It disassembles into two half circle pieces and it has two separate base pieces to stabilize it.  When assembled, the individual pieces are pinned together.  It has a recessed edge on one face for the installation of rope lighting. We provided a ground fault interrupt circuit cord for use with the lights.  Unfortunately, the display is rather heavy and assembly requires several individuals working together.  It has been a hit in its two recent incarnations despite setbacks with installations.

Picture from front page of Pilot News 9-11-09

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