Landis Slate Roof

We are getting close to wrapping up the Landis Slate Roof project in Rochester, Indiana.  Slate installation is somewhat tedious, but the finished product leaves a lasting impression.  Mr. Landis says that there has been a parade of walkers in the evening checking on the progress and he has received nothing but positive comments on the work.  We’re always pleased to hear that!

Completed section showing random color and width of slate shingles

Completed section showing random color and width of slate shingles

This project was challenging as the slate is random width and has a 70-30 color mix in a random pattern.    That makes a lot to keep track of.  We have used copper flashings over ice and water shield to keep all transitions water-tight.  The original nails were galvanized cut nails.  We are using a combination of copper nails and stainless steel nails.   New aluminum gutters are being installed.  Gutter straps are hidden and protected using slate bibs.

Spire showing copper flashing detail

Spire showing copper flashing detail

We are currently working on the spire as you can see in the pictures.  We used a flashing with a crimped standing seam in the center of the hip.  Unlike the rest of the roof where we used a slate cutter, we used a saw to cut the pieces so they could be installed with less waste at the hip transition.

The ridge details you see are galvanized metal pieces that were pop riveted together and nailed in place.  They had deteriorated and rusted.  Mr. Landis had a local body shop sand blast them, fill any holes and paint them with an auto quality paint.  He commented, “I don’t want to have to have anyone on this roof again in my lifetime!”  The silver color really shines in the sun and provides a wonderful highlight.

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