Happy New Year, 2009!

January 5, 2009

Culver, projects

Happy New Year to everyone!   We all have high hopes for what the new year will bring, despite the somewhat depressing news brought to us by the national media.  Personally I want to take a positive attitude and look at last year’s slow down as producing some pent up demand for some growth!  I can’t say that my crystal ball is any better than yours, but keeping a positive attitude can’t hurt.

2009 is a bit of a milestone for Easterday Construction Co., Inc. too.  The early history of our company is bit sketchy, but our earliest record of completed work is the dedication stone on the south side of the Culver Elementary School Gym which says the gym was built in 1929 by Russell L. Easterday Construction and Supply Company.  That would have to be one of the earliest incarnations of our company which puts us at 80 years old this year! 

Proposed Culver Elementary School Gym Addition

Proposed Culver Elementary School Gym Addition

At the time of construction, the gym was the High School Gym.  Through changes over the years, it has served as a Jr. High School Gym and now the Elementary School Gym.  The Adminstration is currently considering renovations including roof work, changing the interior floor plan, installing new bleachers and building an addition on the west side to correct problems with the existing locker room.  The gym is located across the street from our office in Culver.  We look forward to the opportunity to participate in this project if it moves forward.

I met Judge Wendall C. Tombaugh late last year to discuss a project at his home.  It was interesting talking to him as he is a former Culver resident (moving away in 1929) and knew of our company from those days until today.  It’s always interesting to hear history of our Company from the perspective of those on the outside.  It’s also interesting that his recollections back date our beginnings even further.  First hand accounts are getting harder and harder to come by.

I’ve kind of rambled here, but here’s wishing everyone a Happy, Healthy, Prosperous New Year!


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