Bobbie Ruhnow

I attended the memorial service for Bobbie Ruhnow on Saturday.  I wrote about our friendship previously here.

The service was nicely done.  There was a presentation by the VFW Ladies Auxiliary.  It was obvious that there were close ties there, many of which I had heard about from Bobbie.  It was an organization to which Bobbie was very proud to have belonged.

Rhonda Reinhold, Bobbie’s granddaughter, made a moving speech about her grandmother.  Many of the themes she spoke of were so obviously part of Bobbie’s nature.  I recognized them and experienced them even though I was not family.

Ralph Winters also spoke.  As a non-family member, that has to be hard to do.  Ralph did a nice job of summing up Bobbie’s career with the town.  I thought he was a fine representative of those that had worked with her on multiple community boards, commissions and projects.

Leaving the service it was obvious that Bobbie will be missed by many in the community.  I count myself among those that will miss Bobbie.  Culver is a better place due to her tireless efforts, but unfortunately it is a lesser place due to losing her.

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