Green That Saves Green 101: Corner Framing

There are several ways we can improve the efficiences in the framing of outside corners.  A California Corner is one designation for a wood framing pattern that rotates one of the three studs in exterior corners.  On exterior walls this allows insulation to proceed all the way to the corner rather than creating an insulation void. 


Both the California Corner and standard framing create a solid inside and outside corner.  This provides a fastening point for both the exterior sheathing or finish material and the interior finish material.  For example in home construction, there is a stud which forms the outside corner where the sheathing is nailed and there are two studs, one in either direction from the outside corner stud, which form an inside corner allowing drywall to be nailed along the edge in both directions. 

Optimum Value Engineering (OVE) uses only two studs in the corner eliminating one stud.  There are two basic benefits to this.  1)  One stud is saved, translated to labor savings and fastener savings.  2)  Where standard framing creates an uninsulated void in exterior corners and the California Corner allows insulation to fill this cavity,  OVE further increases the insulation value of the wall system by eliminating one more stud that transfers heat through the wall and allows the full depth cavity for insulation. 

Drywall Clip

If the interior is to be finished, it is necessary to address a fastening point for drywall or other finish material.  (Note:  In some cases this corner is being allowed to “float”.  This option depends on the type of finish material and local code requirements.)  This can be addressed by installing blocking.  There are always cut-offs available for this on the job site.  In the case of drywall, drywall clips can be used. 

Easterday Construction Co., Inc. will be making every effort to use either California Corners or preferably OVE corners on projects as we go forward.  This is Green that saves Green! 


  1. Reduction in materials required for the job.  One less stud and associated fasteners at each corner.  This includes interior partition walls as well as exterior walls.
  2. Reduction in labor necessary for material installation.
  3. Increase in energy efficiency by increasing the accessible wall cavity and eliminating the heat transfer through the additional studs.

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