8 Simple Decor Rules That Make a Small Bedroom Look Awesome

Guest post by Larson Simmons (larsonsimmons@gmail.com)

Everyone wants their house to be the most beautiful of all, but nowadays, buying a big, luxurious house is not an easy task, but you can decorate even the smallest house with intelligence and understanding. Bedrooms are very important and the happiest place in the house. It’s the place where you feel pleasant because it is a place to rest. You can also call it a special room because by coming here, you forget about the outside world and spend fun time with your partner and family.

Many people call it a romantic place in a house. But if the bedroom is small, then there are some problems in keeping furniture there. Big bedrooms are suitable for all types of decoration, but decorating a small bedroom is very difficult. You have to make choices for decoration keeping in mind the available space. Here we will explain some easy tips, which if adopted in your small bedroom, will make it the palace of your dreams. They will not only make your room look bigger in size, but also more comfortable.

Paint the Walls With the Colors of Love, Joy, & Happiness

Choosing colors for your bedroom is as important as decorating. Colors work to connect you with emotions. Use only those colors that you like or are liked by your partner and family. The correct color choices for the walls of your bedroom can make it gorgeous. Choose colors that give peace at night and a feeling of freshness during the day. White, cream and beige colors bloom in small bedrooms. Dark colors should be avoided.

Make Use of Candles For

Some people also use beautiful candles to decorate their rooms. Beautiful and colorful candles make your bedroom soothing. Candle lighting creates a different kind of romantic atmosphere. There is nothing better than scented candles of different colors to create a romantic atmosphere for you and your partner. There are a variety of such beautiful and decorative candles available in the market.

Choose the Right Size for the Bed

Instead of being locked into a king-size bed in your bedroom, it’s a good idea to consider a simple double bed to save some space. You can also choose a folding bed which will create a lot of space in your bedroom. Also, consider beds that have storage beneath the mattress. This way, you can keep all the unnecessary belongings like old clothes, alternative curtains, etc. there. It creates space in your room and wardrobe.

Keep the Idiot Box Out of the

Spending time in front of the TV diverts your attention from the people around you. Consider not having a TV in your room at all. The limited time you can spend with each other will no longer be wasted watching TV.

Cover the Curtains

To make the rooms look bigger, choose curtains of light color and keep the color of the curtains and walls paired with each other. The curtains should be of the same color, not too colorful and there should not be large patterns on them. Net curtains may be an option for your room.

Make it Green & Fresh

You may have noticed in many homes that the window itself is used as storage to keep small essentials and show-pieces. This can be a place to keep plants like Neem, Tulsi, Aloe Vera, etc, which makes the bedroom look larger. This saves space and makes your room green and fresh. You can enjoy the fresh, positive vibes every morning and your day will be great!

Keep Your Old Bedroom Belongings in an Outside Quonset Huts

As you all know, when we give old bedrooms a new look. You change all the things that are in your bedroom. Don’t throw away the old items that come out of it. They can be used in future remodels or swapped out occasionally to freshen the space. One suggestion would be to store your old articles in a Quonset hut installed in your backyard. A building made of steel will protect your items from deterioration.

Integrated Wall Shelf

Install built-in wall shelving attached to the wall around the bed head. This organizes all your small items and and looks good while reducing clutter. Just put the books in a line, the photo frames, the show-pieces, and other things in a row. Keep it neat and systematically arranged.

Place the Lights at the Right

Lamps have been instrumental in bedroom decor for years. You should also apply them to your bedroom. At night, the light from lamps not only better than from overhead fixtures, but the light patterns on the walls can make the room look bigger. Instead of putting lights randomly, put lights where necessary. Choose places near the study table, near the mirror, on the wall above the bed and in front of the cupboard.

With judicious use of these tips, you can improve the quality of your bedroom life and make your small bedroom inviting. Make the most of the space you have and your bedroom will become a space where you want to spend more time.

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