Construction Jargon Glossary

For those new to the construction industry or just listening in, here are a few construction terms you should know. Many of these are what you would here from the old-timers like Dave

200 mile per hour tape: Duct tape

Arnworker: An Iron Worker

Blue Flue: Hangover

Blue Room: or green, depending on the color of the portable toilet on the job site.

Woodpecker: A Carpenter

Come Along: Tool used to assist in alignments, adjustments and assisting different structural members into their proper place. Sometimes referred to as a 20 lb sledgehammer.

Dirt Jockey: A Heavy Equipment Operator

Greaser: Oiler or Helper on heavy equipment (usually cranes)

Grease Pole: Hydraulic Crane Operator

Greenhorn: Someone new to the industry, trade or craft. (The old term for Newby or Noob.)

Hammerfore: This is what you tell the Greenhorn to go and get from your truck. After an unsuccessful search, they will come back and ask, “What’s a Hammerfore?” This is where they are told they may want to look for another career if they don’t know what a hammer is for…

Headache!: Look up, cover your head, something is about to fall on your head.

Hiccup: Something that has been done, but has to be redone, because it wasn’t done right in the first place.

Hot Wrench: Use a torch when a wrench won’t work… Burn it off!

IBEW: I Block Every Walkway

Ginnie Hopper: Apprentice Grade Checker

Grunt: An Unskilled Laborer generally used for heavy work.

Lead Pusher: Architects, Engineers and Designers

Modify: To alter, usually by accident, i.e. “Boss, I just modified your fender with my dozer.”

Mucker: A person that uses a shovel, rake or come-along to move fresh poured concrete.

Mud: Wet concrete. Alternate use: Drywall Joint Compound

Nail Bender: A Carpenter

Narrowback: An inside electrician as opposed to an electrical lineman.

Roper: An electrician whose main projects are residences using Romex.

Shovel Jockey: Laborer

Sparky: Welder or Electrician

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