Berger Audiology has a Lease!

Berger Audiology LLC LogoBefore she left last week, Becky signed a lease to locate in Pine Creek Center, the plaza west of Lifeplex and Hacienda where the License Branch is.  Berger Audiology will be on the east side of the building adjacent to Edward Jones.  The address will be 2930 Miller Drive, Plymouth, Indiana.  I’m chasing signage for her.  Unfortunately it looks like there will be a long lead time on that, so we may have to do something temporary.  So if you’re looking to find Dr. Rebecca Berger, she’ll be there soon, but you may have to look a bit…  You can always call here at Easterday Construction for updates or drop me an email.  There will continue to be posts here and you can find them under the Berger Audiology category to the right.

I’m in the process of setting up a website too. when we get there.  Too many things to do!

In the mean time, Becky is still out pedaling across Iowa.  Today is the third day of RAGBRAI, so by the end of the day she should be somewhere around the halfway point.  I do email updates to anyone interested, so if you want to see those, let me know and I’ll add you to the list.  I blind copy the group, so I won’t share your address beyond Becky.

image1The first day, Sunday,  was pretty brutal for her with lots of hills.  75+ miles and a climb of nearly 4000′.  Second day was around 75 miles again and ditto for today, though the terrain has been better than the first day.

The whole Berger Audiology start up really got in the way of her training this year.  She briefly considered skipping it, but this is something like her 14th year in a row of doing it and she didn’t want to break that string.

To the left is a picture of the bathtub races she ran across yesterday.  She said they looked pretty heavy since they filled them with people and water before the race.  I’ll try and post some other things later this week.

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